The Crystal Clear Collection webshop is FOR RETAIL CUSTOMERS ONLY. If you're not a retail customer, please visit your local home accessories or camera store for our complete collection of high quality acrylic frames.

Crystal Clear Collection is the leading brand of acrylic photo frames on local and international markets. Because of the lovely appearance, excellent quality and competitive pricing, Crystal Clear Collection acrylic frames are fast moving products to be sold in retail, department stores and upscale supermarkets. Crystal Clear Collection frames are made of 100% acrylic with polished edges and executed with lovely individual colour pictures. Each frame comes in a separate poly cover and is packed in a carton per 12 pieces. The frames are easy to store and easy to sell.

Crystal Clear Collection acrylic frames will be delivered from stock in the Netherlands. All prices include shipping to all European countries. Private label frames with your own customer brand is also a possibility. For any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.